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Rhenus takes over the business of supplying the new BorWin gamma offshore platform

Rhenus Offshore Logistics has won the tender procedure to provide the supply logistics for the BorWin gamma transformer platform. This facility was installed off the coast of the island of Borkum in October and is due to transform the electricity from the wind turbines in the North Sea into direct current in order to supply one million German households from 2019 onwards; this will help reduce losses when transmitting the power to dry land. Rhenus will complete the supply runs using the “Eurus Express” from the offshore base port in Emden until the end of the project.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The assignment also includes coordinating all the logistics activities, storage, loading and unloading operations as well as securing the offshore containers, handling all the customs activities for import and export purposes as well as completing the IMO declaration. Jennifer Adami, Project Manager for BorWin gamma at Rhenus Project Logistics, confirms this; “We’ll be operating our own container depot with DNV 2.7-certified offshore containers at our offshore supply base at Emden. As a result, we’ll be able to respond to the demands of the project spontaneously and save the customer mobilisation and demobilisation costs for the equipment.”

Rhenus will supply the employees living and working on the offshore platform with the necessary tools and building materials as well as food, water and other items in daily use during the installation work. When returning from the platform, which is located about 130 kilometres from the island of Borkum, Rhenus Offshore Logistics will also ship any waste that has occurred in appropriate containers. Its affiliated company, REMONDIS, will handle and complete the disposal of the rubbish.

“The project is another example of our established ‘supply runs’, that is to say, supply trips for individual or several offshore projects in the North Sea. Shared supply runs have a clear advantage – significant savings for the customers, as goods for several platforms are directly loaded on board at the port and can then be supplied one after the other to the various facilities offshore. Customers have to adapt to the delivery time, but obtain significant cost reductions in return,” says Thore Schreiber, Head of Business Development and Sales at Rhenus Offshore Logistics, explaining how the system works.

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