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Port Logistics

Transhipment Logistics – At home on rivers and oceans

Shipping has traditionally played a major role at Rhenus. We launched our logistics services on the Rhine – and our company still uses the Latin version of the river’s name. The Port Logistics business area has developed into a specialist for designing, managing and operating international supply chains. This not only applies to inland waterways, but also to short sea traffic and intercontinental maritime services.

Seaports and inland waterway ports serve as important interfaces both for regional and global flows of commodities in terms of transhipment, storage and onward transportation – whether this involves raw materials or finished goods, containers or bulk commodities. We can handle your products travelling on the water using our own facilities, particularly our port terminals, and include our partners all round the world; we can also organise the necessary pick-up and final delivery runs beyond the quayside. The Port Logistics business area draws on the current opportunities within the whole company group to do this.

Using all our assets for your tasks

The project business is one example of the way that our corporate units and their assets work together. We pool our experience and our expertise across various business units in order to provide international supply chain management. But project logistics tasks only represent a small selection of the range of solutions that we can offer every sector ranging from the energy business to the textile and electronics industry and even automobile manufacturers with our multi-modal and sustainable approach.

Many value added services, which are very different in nature, complete our portfolio of services at Rhenus Port Logistics. We run our own sawmill for wood and timber products or operate as the agent for clearing ships. Customs services are also part of our all-round logistics services – or in-factory logistics at power stations and disposing of or recycling materials that are no longer required.


The business of Port Logistics develops gap-free comprehensive concepts for their acquisition and distribution tasks.

We are Full-Service Provider for the transport, handling and storage of bulk articles, mixed cargo, heavy goods and equipment. We have our own facilities and interfaces to the railway at all important locations in the seaports and in the hinterland.

We construct and operate efficient intercontinental supply chains. Within Europe we make the economic and environmental advantages of Shortsea transportation accessible to you.

In addition, Rhenus Logistika d.o.o. is offering the following services:

  • Providing all kinds of port forwarding services in Port of Koper as well as offering our own shipping agency services
  • Providing the best solutions for land (via road or rail) transport of goods to consignees in Slovenia and other European countries (for example Austria, Hungary, Italy, Croatia and Serbia)
  • Providing services for any type of customs procedures (as fiscal representative with own bank guarantee)
  • Providing logistical solutions for any kind of goods including warehousing (also bonded warehousing) and distribution

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