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  • Brexit and Rhenus

    Rhenus and Brexit:

    To ensure our customers are prepared for Brexit, we have prepared the following information. If you have any questions, please get in touch: brexit@uk.rhenus.com

The UK will leave the EU on 31.12.2020, having informed the EU that it does not intend to extend the transitional period. This means from 01.01.2021, all freight movements between the UK & the EU will be subject to customs procedures.

We have taken extensive steps to minimise any impacts caused by Brexit. Our priority is to maintain a seamless service to our customers, irrespective of the challenges ahead.


We recommend you complete the following steps to best prepare your business for Brexit and the associated customs changes.

1. Nominate Rhenus as your customs broker

Appointing Rhenus as your customs broker and carrier will ensure the best logistics solution for your business post-Brexit. To empower Rhenus to act on your behalf as a Direct Representative please complete our empowerment document below.
Find out more about customs representation

Click here to complete our customs representation form

2. EORI Number

You will need to register for an EORI Number for both imports and exports regardless of the outcome of Brexit.
Find out more about customs representation

Click here to apply for an EORI Number

3. Provide a Commercial Invoice

To enable us to complete a declaration on your behalf, Exporters must provide a commercial invoice, along with any licenses or certificates.
Find out more about commercial invoices

Click here to see an example of a Commerical Invoice

4. Value, Origin, Gross and Nett Weight

The importer needs to know the value of goods for trade stats and calculation of VAT/Duty. Both Importers & Exporters will need to know the origin of goods and the goods gross and nett weights, which form part of the customs declaration.

Click below to find out more about:
Valuing goods Origin of goodsCommodity code


Depending on the product, imports to the United Kingdom are subject to VAT and customs duties. Having a deferment account for your business allows you to defer these payments, so they don't need to be paid at the time of import.

Click here to find out more about deferment accounts


  • Increased our warehousing and contract logistics capabilities.
  • Consolidated our customs brokerage capabilities to ensure our customs documentary requirements can be maintained across our network.
  • Upgraded our hubs for Temporary Storage capabilities (ETSF).
  • Our Authorised Consignor/Consignee status will enable us to process customs formalities at our sites.


By providing Rhenus with direct customs clearance authorisation you are ensuring Rhenus can complete all Import and/or Export declarations on your behalf. This will be a necessary requirement for ALL UK Import and/or Export shipments.


Post-Brexit, the importance of Incoterms will increase substantially; the Incoterms you agree with your supplier or customer will determine who will pay VAT & Duty when the goods clear customs.

Therefore, we advise our customers to familiarise themselves with the underlying regulations and their implications. Please click below for the full version.




Our dedicated teams across the UK are focused on preparing for Brexit together with our customers. If you would like to know more about Brexit and what Rhenus is doing to prepare our customers for it please get in touch: brexit@uk.rhenus.com

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