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Rhenus offers a great variety of different services: Transport, transshipment and storage of goods and products as well as a comprising value-added services. Herewith, you will find many chances and opportunities for graduates and professionals to participate actively to broaden ones knowledge, to network successfully and to start off with the career. Where and how - you will find further information on our pages for the target groups.

Graduates Rhenus UK

For Graduates

Opening more doors for newcomers with big dreams.

At Rhenus, trust is our greatest asset. And to grow that trust, we assign new graduates responsibilities in record time-while supporting them with a variety of training courses and development programs. Whether you join us as a trainee or step directly into a vacant position, you can be sure of one thing: we welcome your fresh ideas, eagerness to try out new things and dedication to search for alternative solutions, either as part of a team or simply with a focus on carving out your personal career in our world of logistics. We are at your side every step of the way, giving you everything you need for a successful start: look forward to fair treatment in a warm, friendly environment as you embark on exciting assignments and projects in one of our four business units. Sounds like a dream start into working life? Then it's time to make it a reality, with Rhenus.

Trainee Programs - Start your career with the big picture.

You have invested a lot of time and energy in your studies. Now you are looking for an employer who is ready to match that commitment in helping you get your career off to a successful start? Look no further. Rhenus Trainee Programs are open to everyone wishing to explore the full activity spectrum of a global player in the logistics industry.

Our Trainee Programs run for between 18 and 24 months. The "Step forward!" Trainee Program caters to positions in management and sales. There are also other business units Trainee Programs that have a specialized focus.

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Professionals Rhenus UK

Our Professionals

The perfect place for doers who move things forward.

Rhenus is geared toward nonstop growth. That opens up long-term prospects for professionals and leaders as well as career changers in a wide variety of functions-from logistics and project management to IT and finance and controlling. Contributing your own ideas and solutions? That is your ticket to success in any of our four business units. We love a problem-solving, no-fuss attitude, and we also encourage openness, fairness, teamwork and a collegial approach. Individual initiative and a can-do mindset are just as much a part of the Rhenus DNA as stability and far-sightedness. These are the qualities that keep us-and you-moving forward. Sounds like the kind of opportunities dedicated professionals can take on? That's exactly what they are.

The right fit for every logistics expert.

What might your career at a global logistics heavyweight like Rhenus look like? Pretty flexible and dynamic. We have been on a growth trajectory for years. That means new opportunities and paths for development are constantly opening up for dedicated professionals. At Rhenus, you can make big things happen, delve into a wide variety of areas, quickly start running your own projects and take responsibility for shaping workflows. We offer tremendous entrepreneurial flexibility, facilitated by our particular rapid decision-making processes. In short: with us, you can focus on resolutely advancing your career. But you can also pursue a specialist technical career at Rhenus. Specialists can tap into a rich seam of opportunities to make their distinctive mark with accomplishments in their chosen field, without having to embark on a management track. Having so many different opportunities available to meet a vast spectrum of needs and ambitions - that is typical of Rhenus. What you will not find here are average careers. What you will find is a wealth of exciting prospects. Let us put it this way: as an employer, we are not a dull tankership. We are more like a fleet of speedboats. Come jump aboard! 


Key facts at a glance.

Rhenus offers experienced professionals a variety of opportunities in logistics, sales, IT as well as finance and controlling. But you will also find plenty of blue- and white-collar openings, such as warehouse workers, truck drivers, dispatchers or customer service agents. The ideal candidates for all positions are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves, appreciate our unique down-to-earth, problem-solving attitude, consider openness and team spirit important, and are eager to contribute their own ideas. We offer you all kinds of support-by placing a great deal of confidence in your ideas and actions, and by providing an extensive portfolio of training and development programs. That translates into a broad range of potential career paths to suit your specific needs. And there are plenty of international opportunities, too.

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