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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Transport Logistics

There are many ways of transporting goods to their recipient. But the arrival time is not normally negotiable. The Rhenus Freight Logistics business area ensures that your products reach their destination in a cost-efficient way, on time – and in an undamaged state. From Aachen to Zhenghzhou – and back!

The requirements for functioning transport solutions have continued to grow now that we are living with the global division of labour. By combining all the modes of transport and using them in line with demand, we manage to link towns, regions, countries and continents with each other. Whether by road and rail, sea or air, Rhenus Freight Logistics organises your transport operations and handles them with its own assets and the capacity that it has acquired in the market place.

Covering the complete spectrum

Our range of products covers the complete spectrum of transport services. End-to end monitoring of consignments enables you to follow the progress of groupage freight services and part or complete loads or scheduled services and express transport operations on a screen. Our dense network of business centres guarantees short journey times to the central hubs, from where your goods continue their journey quickly. When it comes to international consignments, we handle the customs services and provide additional protective measures for particularly valuable freight.

Particularly during the so-called peak seasons, e.g. Christmas business, space for freight can become scarce on global sea and air freight services. We can offer you a high degree of planning reliability for the transport services that we provide as a result of the many years of close cooperation between our Air & Ocean business unit and selected shipping companies and air freight carriers – even during peak periods for the intercontinental exchange of goods. We will happy to advise you in order to find the best route for your goods together with you.


Maxx Intermodal Systems (MIS) offers a diverse range of routing options using road, rail, sea and inland waterways to provide the best combination of rate and transit time.

Individual and flexible approach allows us to elaborate and develop transport concepts, which best fit the logistic needs of our customers and achieve maximum optimization of organisation, security, time and costs of delivery. Combining the best technologies, ideas and experience of our European colleagues with the practical expertise in peculiarities of national trade, forwarding and logistic businesses allows us to develop an optimum solution for each and every project.

MIS can dispose of an own container fleet ranging from 20’dv to 40’pwhc including reefer containers, flat racks and open top containers for shipments to Central Asia.

Main Routings

Via Baltics

  • Container shipments via Muuga, Paldiski, Riga or Klaipeda to Central Asia
  • Weekly departures from Antwerp to Muuga and two weekly sailings to Paldiski
  • Average transit time of 5 days
  • Dispatch by rail from port of arrival to Shkirotowa (Latvia) where block trains to Central Asia are organized to main destinations
  • Dispatch by rail from Shkirotowa to Central Asia with average transit time to Tashkent of 18-27 days
  • Average monthly volume: 50-80 containers
  • Competitive alternative to road transport
  • Well-developed hinterland connections
  • Fixed schedules and regular departures
  • We work with the same partners and have priority due to our stability and loyalty.
  • Possibility to create an alternative routing via Hamina or other ports.

Via China

  • Container shipments from China, the Far East and Indian Subcontinent to Central Asia
  • Ports of transshipment are Xingang (Tianjin), Lianyungang and Qingdao
  • Use of own containers (wide range of equipment available)
  • Average monthly volume: 60 containers ex-China, 30 containers ex-India, 25 containers ex-Far East
  • We work in China with our own offices and through agents
  • Fixed schedules and regular departures
  • Routing is very much tried, tested and proven to be workable and cost effective
  • Possibility to work out block train solutions (minimum 42 containers per shipment)

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