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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Transport Logistics – Developing transport solutions for your benefit

There are many ways of transporting goods to their recipient. But the arrival time is not normally negotiable. The Rhenus Freight Logistics business area ensures that your products reach their destination in a cost-efficient way, on time – and in an undamaged state. From Aachen to Zhenghzhou – and back!

The requirements for functioning transport solutions have continued to grow now that we are living with the global division of labour. By combining all the modes of transport and using them in line with demand, we manage to link towns, regions, countries and continents with each other. Whether by road and rail, sea or air, Rhenus Freight Logistics organises your transport operations and handles them with its own assets and the capacity that it has acquired in the market place.

Covering the complete spectrum

Our range of products covers the complete spectrum of transport services. End-to end monitoring of consignments enables you to follow the progress of groupage freight services and part or complete loads or scheduled services and express transport operations on a screen. Our dense network of business centres guarantees short journey times to the central hubs, from where your goods continue their journey quickly. When it comes to international consignments, we handle the customs services and provide additional protective measures for particularly valuable freight.

Particularly during the so-called peak seasons, e.g. Christmas business, space for freight can become scarce on global sea and air freight services. We can offer you a high degree of planning reliability for the transport services that we provide as a result of the many years of close cooperation between our Air & Ocean business unit and selected shipping companies and air freight carriers – even during peak periods for the intercontinental exchange of goods. We will happy to advise you in order to find the best route for your goods together with you

Inland Navigation

Ships can simply handle more cargo

Do you need to move bulk goods? Our facilities at Luxport and the Trier Container Terminal TCT provide access to 39,500 km of European waterways by inland navigation. Direct waterways connect our location to the crucial seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, to load coasters or ocean-going freighters for onward movement to the UK, Italy, Scandinavia as well as other European and non-European countries. In this manner, containers or bulk goods like building material and combustible material are transported to their destination safely and at reasonable cost.

In addition, we offer several on-site services to the steel industry like welding work, cutting, heading and much more. We invite you to use our complete trimodal logistics solutions that are located at the centre of the European traffic network.

Rail Traffic

Larger, quicker and further by rail

Our Luxport and TCT terminals employ most modern cargo loading technologies. It is linked directly to the European rail infrastructure covering 326.350 kilometres. The combination of this infrastructure with your particular requirements and our comprehensive experience in trimodal traffic enable us to decide which means of transportation best suits your purposes.

The capacities offered by rail traffic are convincing in themselves. Goods trains can be up to 700 metres long and they can handle loads that exceed of 1,000 metric tons. In addition, a train only consumes the equivalent of 1.7 litres of diesel for 100 ton-kilometres. A truck requires 4.1 litres.

Logistics for Building Materials

We forward building materials in all directions

We offer trimodal cargo facilities by waterway, rail and road that cater perfectly for the requirements of the building industry. Our extensive warehousing capacities enable us to stock high-quality building materials like sand and gravel products or natural stone for enterprises in Luxembourg. This means that you can procure the material you require directly from our locations in Mertert and in Trier.

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