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What is air transport and why it is worth to use it?

Fresh salmon straight from Norway with flowers from Ecuador, strawberries from California, mangoes from India, cheese from France and meat from Australia - all of this can go anywhere on earth thanks to air transport. Every day, planes transport tons of various goods from around the world on their decks. However, this is not all. Air transport is also used in the transport of animals and luxury cars. What is the air freight service and what are the advantages of such transport?

A bit more about air transport

Is it possible to transport goods from another continent in just a few hours? Yes! Air transport gives such a possibility. Thanks to it, you can enjoy fresh cloves and roses straight from India, Vietnam, New Zealand or Sri Lanka. Transported goods are safe because, unlike land transport, there are no collisions and traffic accidents that irrevocably damage or destroy the transported goods.
Air transport is also a solution for people who want to import premium class goods to their country, e.g. luxury cars, groceries, shoes, handbags, jewelry, furniture and other items that deserve exceptional transport. Air freight in Poland has also transported works of art and live animals, e.g. race horses - in a short time they were transported to the other end of the world, without getting tired of changing temperatures and stuffy room, as in the case of road transport.

Advantages and disadvantages of air transport

Air cargo has many advantages. The most important is, of course, speed - there is no other way to send goods is so fast. Another important issue is the short time of capital involvement, which of course is economically important for a company that e.g. sends pharmaceuticals or seasonal goods. What's more, air freight is economical because the plane can have passengers on board at the same time as items in the hold. The reliability offered by air transport is another reason to choose it. The aforementioned safety remains - the very low accident rate of aircraft means that companies using air transport do not bear the costs arising from the destruction of the goods. A disadvantage of air transport can be considered dependence on atmospheric conditions.

Types of air transport

Air transport can be divided into passenger, passenger and freight. However, when it comes to typical cargo flights, we distinguish air freight as part of scheduled and charter shipments. Specialized suppliers offer transport of unusual shipments, e.g. live seafood for restaurants. Easily accessible and diverse types of air transport mean that there is no longer an object or animal that could not be brought from the other end of the world.

Why is air transport growing faster?

Air transport offers short delivery times, which is very important for increasingly demanding consumers. The use of such transport can make you stand out from the competition, e.g. you will be the only company that delivers electronics from China or clothing from Milan so quickly. The fast development of air transport is also influenced by economic arguments - fast delivery means that you can immediately start selling it, and thus generate faster profits for the company.

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