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High-Tech Logistics

Rhenus Delivery Services Sp. z o.o. specializes High Tech Logistics in the field of equipment transport with additional services such as: bringing, unpacking, positioning, assembly, receipt and disposal of packaging.

Operated industry sectors:

  • printing machines
  • ATMs
  • vending machines
  • fitness equipment
  • electronics and server cabinets
  • medical equipment

Unique tools and solutions

Means of Transport

  • vehicles with rigid body, unloading platform up to 2 T and a pallet truck
  • vehicles adapted to transporting loads sensitive to shocks and vibrations
  • payload from 1500 kg to 8000 kg matched to the product's size
  • internal load securing systems
  • engines meeting EURO 5 and higher combustion standards
  • non-standard construction heights up to 2.50 m

Technical services

  • insertion into the final place of use
  • unpacking
  • leveling the device and calibration
  • assembly, installation, connection of components
  • starting the device and checking the functionality
  • disassembly of old devices
  • pre-configuration of devices
  • transfer of documentation and warranty to the hands of engineers or final users of devices
  • receipt and disposal of packaging

Transport solutions

  • comprehensive project management from solution design, through planning, execution, implementation and improvement of operational activities
  • creation of the synergy effect through the use of partner resources of Rhenus companies in Polan
  • active cooperation with the client in order to best match the services to the specific requirements of the recipients
  • caring for the environment - cooperation with entities from the recycling industry
  • standard and specialized tools ensuring efficient, safe and reliable service of the Customer's devices:
    • unique devices "JIMMY" & "BOBBY", "Impact Rack Mover”
    • electric devices for stairs transport
    • stretch foil, bubble foil, securing cargo corners

Special equipment

"BOBBY" pallet

  • enables safe transport of preconfigured or used devices
  • allows faster and easier shipment and delivery of equipment to the destination
  • easier storage service for atypical equipment
  • several different sizes depending on the size of the product
  • “BOBBY" thanks to repeated use is an environmentally friendly tool

Handling equipment "JIMMY"

  • can be use with many devices thanks to the universal mounting
  • enables the transport of the device up to 1000 kg on an uneven surface
  • lowers the height of the device

Electric trolley „Impact Rack Mover”

  • transport of equipment up the stairs
  • load capacity up to 650 kg
  • the ability to safely tilt goods

Knowledge and experience

  • using the experience of the Rhenus group and 50 years of practice in the distribution of specialist devices
  • customer service by highly qualified Rhenus employees
  • care for high personnel skills: (Multidimensional assessment of candidates' abilities, periodic training in consultation with the client to identify and assimilate specific product requirements)
  • building a competence center - updating and gathering knowledge about completed projects with particular emphasis on their specificity

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