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Logistics solutions for e-commerce

The dynamic development of e-commerce irreversibly changed consumers' behaviour around the world. Unlimited access to a wide range of products allows buyers to make purchase decisions almost anywhere and anytime, which in turn also affects the logistics service of online orders. Logistics follows the changes in sales processes (e-commerce, omnichannel). In the coming  years, we will observe the further development and specialization of logistic services for online stores. B2C logistics is also of a great importance in building the image of online stores. Perfect preparation of individual customers' orders, delivery on time and quick return handling have a positive impact on the brand of the online store.

Omnichannel logistics

The combination of many sales channels within one consistent offer for the end customer is an ideal solution for both buyers and sellers. Omnichannel logistics includes a comprehensive logistics solution combining both warehousing for e-commerce and the traditional channel, as well as handling orders and returns in both of these channels. The combination of a logistics service within one project gives great flexibility in handling omnichannel sales, which ultimately benefits online buyers. The possibility of getting acquainted with the product in a stationary store often determines the online purchase of a given assortment. The more opportunities you can interact with the product, the greater the likelihood of purchase.

Efficiency of processes

E-commerce is characterised by unpredictable increases and high seasonality, and at the same time the need to maintain the highest level of order preparation. Rhenus offers logistics for e-commerce characterized by a non-standard approach, perfect realization and high flexibility of processes. Rhenus manages the inventory stock using a specialized own WMS system that combines the experience with specialist knowledge. The order picking of individual customers is based on the optimal picking path of goods and the scanning of EAN codes for each product. Optimization of warehouse space, internal transport based on the conveyor system, as well as full identification of each unit of goods at all stages of the logistics process are key elements in handling large volumes and have a significant impact on the final cost of handling.


Customer experience 

An important element of sales in the e-commerce channel is the possibility of returning goods purchased online. Return guarantee is connected with additional logistic operations that should be carried out quickly and accurately, so as not to discourage the customer from further purchases. From the logistic perspective, we understand the return of goods as quality control, refreshing, repacking and preparation for re-sale or utilization. Only efficiently organized logistics of the online store allows you to handle returns regardless of the sales season or currently carried out promotional campaigns.
Rhenus manages comprehensive solutions for large international e-commerce projects. Using knowledge and many years of experience in logistics services for online stores in Poland and around the world. From distribution centers in Poland, Rhenus delivers orders for individual customers from over a dozen countries in Europe.

Logistic services for online stores:

  • Warehouse services for e-commerce
    Warehouse solutions for various groups of product, racks, shelving systems, storage on hangers, picking of orders for individual clients
  • Value-added services (VAS)
    Folding, labeling, creating sets, premium packaging, personalization, adding leaflets, samples etc.
  • Distribution logistics
    Pallet transport, LTL, FTL, transport management to the individual customer
  • Reverse logistics
    Returns, quality control, refreshing, ironing, washing and utilization 

Logistics for e-commerce

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