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Return logistics

The possibility of returning purchased goods is an inseparable element characterizing modern sales channels. The result of efficient return logistics  is a fast return of money to the customer and preparation of the assortment for re-sale. Handling returns will be a sign of the overall efficiency of the store, and the service effects can have a significant impact on the customer experience and subsequent perception of the brand. Only efficiently organized logistics of the online store allows you to handle returns regardless of the sales season or currently carried out promotional campaigns.

How does Rhenus do return logistics?

Realization of return logistics in Rhenus takes place on the basis of express administrative service, i.e. system acceptance of the return supported by continuous customer information on the current status and proper handling of the returned goods. As returns handling we understand: quality control, refreshing, repacking and preparation for re-sale, introduction to the storage system or utilization. In projects operated in Poland Rhenus provides international logistics of  returns from individual clients from over a dozen markets in Europe. Rhenus in Poland specializes in the logistics of returns for fashion and e-commerce industries.

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