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Value Added Services

Value added services are an integral part of logistics services. As VAS (value added services) we understand activities aimed at enriching and adding the value to the product sent to an end customers. The basic activities in the field of VAS include:

  • repackaging
  • creation of promotional sets
  • labeling

The scope of provided value-added services depends on the industry, kind of the logistics project, as well as the expectations of final customers. The key factors influencing  the quality level of VAS are the experience of logistic service provider, resources and infrastructure.

Value added services for e-commerce

In the case of individual clients, value-added services have a very high marketing importance - they build awareness and, attach to the brand, and also significantly affect the customer experience. As part of e-commerce projects in Poland, Rhenus provides VAS at various stages of the warehouse process. Inserting, sampling, refreshing and premium packaging belong to the everyday life of e-commerce projects. An important factor affecting the scope of value-added services is the geographical coverage of the project and the diversity of markets for which promotional campaigns are carried out and leaflets and samples of goods are inserted.

Value added services for fashion

The fashion industry is highly sensitive to aesthetic aspects and the presentation of the offered product. It also affects logistics processes, including the scope of value-added services. Packaging of individual orders is associated with a number of additional activities. Rhenus in Poland performs a custom premium packaging service for the fashion industry, which includes not only the precise folding of goods, but also the appropriate display of products in a carton sent to an individual customer. Rhenus preserves the highest packaging standards also during seasonal changes in the collection and sales.

Special services for industry

Transport and storage solutions are often designed for individual customer’s needs. Rhenus provides specialized value-added services, such as pumping and sampling services for the chemical industry. The products with which Rhenus works are goods on pallets and in Big Bag packaging, as well as liquid substances stored in the IBC container, barrels and canisters.

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