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Rhenus Logistics Ukraine - Warehouse logistics

Warehouse Logistics

An excellent knowledge of sectors and products is essential if you are going to be successful when it comes to third-party logistics. Our employees in the Contract Logistics business area and the services that they provide ensure smooth operations for procuring, producing and distributing your goods. In addition to the classic transport, transhipment and warehousing tasks, we also manage complex logistics chains for you at Rhenus Contract Logistics.

By talking to our customers and analysing which projects in the complete supply chain management scheme could be transferred to a logistics service partner, we open up structural scope for development at industrial and trading companies to invest in product developments and increase quality in manufacturing processes and other key tasks. We can develop tailor-made services by working closely with our customers and understanding their needs.

Our own warehouse management system

We operate a closely knit network of modern logistics facilities, which have excellent connections to the most important transport routes, within the Contract Logistics business area. We operate efficient warehousing for your goods using our own Rhenus Warehouse Management System. As a result of operating multi-user centres, we are even able to absorb peak workloads in seasonal business sectors by using our resources in a flexible manner. Our well-qualified employees can also provide support for you at your business premises.

The specialist Rhenus networks, including Rhenus Office Systems, Rhenus eonova, Rhenus Home Delivery and Rhenus Midi Data, provide transport and value added services for special items within particular sectors. The destinations for these logistics chains organised and handled by Rhenus units are often the customer’s premises – its offices, practice, branch, chambers or apartment. So it is all the more important for us to be familiar with your products. We not only deliver washing machines or fitness devices, digital signage systems or cash dispensing machines based on our many years of sector expertise, but can also install them on the spot.

Хранение на складах и логистика

  • Таможенный склад
  • Коммерческий склад класса А для следующего сегмента товаров:•ADR – опасные грузы
    • СЕМЕНА – зерно, подсолнечник, рапс
    • FMCG – товары народного потребления (продукты питания)
    • “Белая техника” – бытовая техника (холодильники, стиральные машины)
    • HI TECHNIQUE – ноутбуки, цифровые камеры и т.д.
    • GSM оборудование (более 6 000 наименований) - оборудование для мобильной связ
  • Широкий спектр логистических услуг
  • Дополнительные услуги (переупаковка, метро-юниты и т.д.)
  • Температурный контроль хранения
  • FIFO, FEFO, LIFO хранение
  • Порядок сбора, упаковка, маркировка, фельмаж.
  • Сезонные промо-акции

Логистика средств защиты растений

  • Собственный сертифицированый склад класса «А» для хранения опасных веществ оборудован согласно высочайшим европейским стандартам
  • Разрешение на хранение средств защиты растений
  • Импортные и экспортные перевозки наземным, морским, авиа транспортом
  • Комплектные и частичные грузы, консолидированые отправки
  • Таможенная очистка
  • Хранение и оперирование квалифицированными и обученными складскими работниками
  • Срочная доставка по Украине

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