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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Rhenus Air & Ocean – Pharma Division

Rhenus Air Ocean’s Pharma division is exclusively devoted to pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain servicing.  Our team and processes are fully GDP certified and we operate as part of a network of International Freight Forwarders who are similarly trained and approved.


Pharma by Air Freight

Operating within GDP guidelines, we provide tailor made airfreight solutions for the pharmaceutical medical devices industries. Our worldwide services include shipping temperature controlled product, utilising active and passive equipment with the objective of maintaining the integrity of the product at all times during transportation. Full compliance support is also provided in accordance with Customs and IATA regulations.

Core Carrier Program (CCP)

We help to design and implement core carrier programs that meet our client’s needs. Cost savings and monitoring carrier performance are key components.

Packaging Solutions

Solutions for all your packaging specifications are available. Whether your cargo requires active or passive equipment, we have the experience to recommend appropriate solutions.

Refrigerated Pickup and Delivery

For the road freight leg of airfreight shipments, we provide temperature controlled vans, trucks and trailers with constant running or stop-start functions. All our subcontracted hauliers are GDP trained.

Special Cargoes

We handle special cargoes including clinical trials, laboratory samples and product launches.

Support Services

Our wide range of support services include guidance on maximising load capacity of containers; supply of dry ice, pallet blankets, data loggers; demonstration of active and passive equipment at clients’ loading sites and information to ensure your cargo is compliant with current regulations.

Cost Efficiencies through Operational Improvements

We offer assistance with strategies such as, moving from active to passive pack-outs, or developing programmes to manage moving from air freight to sea freight shipping models.


For reasons of inaccessibility, volume or urgency, aircraft chartering may be the only viable option. We will assess your cargo, timelines and the routes to provide the most suitable solutions.

Pharma by Ocean Freight

Rhenus Air & Ocean offer global ocean freight services for the Pharma industry. We specialise in the point to point shipping of temperature controlled reefer and standard containers through our global network.

Multiple Shipping Line Options

Through many years of experience in pharma and non-pharma cargoes, we have developed extensive relationships with all major carriers. This experience allows us to identify the most appropriate carriers for each routing whilst allowing us the flexibility to select the option that best fits your requirements.

Collection and Delivery

We have selected a pool of GDP approved haulage companies to perform road transport on our behalf. All our subcontractors employ GDP trained drivers and are subject to our TQAs.

Support Services

Our experienced Pharma team offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Provision of container equipment globally of less than 5 years old, where available.
  • Design qualified (DQ) reefer containers and temperature mapped road vehicles.
  • Container load planning/lashing and securing.
  • Provision of refrigerated road transport and gen set trailers.
  • To reduce the risks associated with transhipment by sea, we offer options to truck containers to and from European main ports
  • To reduce the risks associated with transhipment by sea, we offer options to truck containers to and from European main ports.
  • Provisions of container monitoring systems which track and record not only GPS positions but cargo temperature and humidity from origin to destination.
  • Provision of route risk analysis, lane validations and advice on protocols.
  • Supply of data loggers and thermal blankets.

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