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Rhenus Svoris“ will export nearly 2 thousand tones of pesticides waste

The main executive of the project “Clearing the dangerous waste in Lithuania: clearing the pesticides, clearing the contaminated areas and soils, cleaning-up the warehouses” is a German company  SAVA GmgH&Co.KG  and a subcontractor „Rhenus Svoris“ UAB. The customer of the project – “Toksika” Ltd, purchasing organisation – Controlling Agency of Environmental Projects. The value of the contract is more than 17 million LTL, 73%  whereof  will be sponsored by EU Cohesion fund and the remaining part from the budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

According to the contract, about 2 thousand tones of pesticides, what makes almost 84 trucks, will be gathered and exported to Germany. The project will be implemented in the old graveyards of the pesticides waste at municipalities of Kretinga (village Senoji Įpiltis), Rokiškis (village Baušiškių), Šalčininkai (village Žygmantiškių) regions. In addition to this, after exploring the soil in the fired places of pesticides warehouses, company SAVA GmbH&Co.KG will excavate the impure soil and UAB „Rhenus Svoris“ will export it. It is planned to cleanse 30 pesticides warehouses, where pesticides waste was stored. The project should end at the beginning of the year 2009.

“While transporting dangerous shipment – pesticides – we perform only a little part of the mission, which is very important for Lithuania and for the future generations. German company SAVA GmgH&Co.KG performs the most important part of this work. Each and everyone of us should go to one of the graveyards of pesticides waste and to smell chemical reek, to see polluted soil and nearby a verdurous forest – in order to understand how important it is for everyone to care about our nature, land and air”, – notes the leader of  “Rhenus Svoris” UAB.

The first works of clearing the graveyards of pesticides waste in Lithuania were started in Šalčininkai region, in the forest of Žygmantiškių village. 8 concrete bunkers of pesticides were opened. The first 44 tones shipment of pesticides waste was loaded and transported to Germany for annihilation on the 17th of July.

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