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  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Noliktava loģistika

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Kravu sauszemes transports

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Gaisa un jūras transports

  • Rhenus Svoris Latvia - Vietējie pārvadājumi

Rhenus Corporate Compliance

The Rhenus Group’s  business operations are subject to many different laws across a range of countries and regions. Every employee is personally responsible for complying with these laws in everything they do, regardless of their position or location.

The principles set out in the Corporate Compliance guideline form the basis for acting in conformance with laws and rules but do not cover every conceivable situation or describe every relevant rule or regulation.

These Corporate Compliance principles are intended to provide employees with guidance in their daily work and help to prevent inappropriate behaviour. Accordingly, they aim to highlight the issues most likely to be encountered in practice. Over and above that, all employees should familiarise themselves with the relevant rules and, if in doubt, should seek advice from their supervisor/manager, the legal department or the Rhenus Compliance officer.

Every supervisor, manager and every employee must demonstrate personal integrity, thereby ensuring that corporate compliance is indispensable embedded in the corporate culture.

Klemens Rethmann
Chairman of the Management Board of the Rhenus Group

For further information please refer to the Corporate Compliance guideline that you can find here.

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