Our locations

Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Rhenus Contract Logistics - High Rack

    Contract Logistics

    As a specialist for Contract Logistics we take care of complete overall concepts so that you can concentrate on your main business.

  • Rhenus Roadfreight - Truck

    Freight Logistics

    No matter in which parts of the world your freight will be delivered – your recipient will reach you by land, sea and air without any problems.

  • Rhenus Port Logistics - Containership

    Port Logistics

    Our Port Logistics offers you an efficient, complete overall concept for your individual procurement- and distribution requirements.

Industry Solutions

We offer coverage for all sectors and all types of merchandise.

Rhenus Automotive - Car Production


Innovative just-in-time concepts for the automobile industry.

Rhenus Agriculture & Forestry - Plant Protection

Agriculture & Forestry 

Reliable logistics for the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Rhenus Construction Business - Road Works

Construction Business

Logistics solutions for the building sector – both at home and abroad.

Rhenus Pharmaceutical Industry - Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Industry

Logistical expertise and precision for the pharmaceutical sector.

Rhenus Chemical Industry - Binocular Microscope

Chemical Industry

The chemical sector is an essential area of business for all branches of industry.

Rhenus Electronics - Data Security


Global services related to the electronics sector.

Rhenus Industrial Goods - Giant Tubes

Industrial Goods

Industrial sector: transporting and handling production goods.

Rhenus Consumer Products - Shopping

Consumer Products

Rapid, reliable and attractive logistics for consumer goods.

Rhenus-Textile - Workwear Laundry


Comprehensive services and customised value-added logistics for the textile industry.

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Rhenus Logistics SARL

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