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Rhenus: Your partner for all matters related to the automobile sector. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and logistics specialists work hand in hand to provide the best possible results. Make use of our intercontinental transport solutions, whether by truck, rail, air or sea. We can manage extensive sourcing concepts without any problems and guarantee services ranging from just-in-time deliveries at the production line to regional freight forwarding.

Increasing requirements

The innovation cycles in the automobile industry are becoming shorter and shorter, while final customers’ demands are increasing all the time. Logistics for automobile manufacturers is a textbook example because of the efficiency that it creates: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and logistics specialists work hand in hand to produce vehicles.

From just-in-time to regional freight forwarding

We can offer you the latest transport solutions in the field of automobile logistics. With us you have the entire know-how of a specialist by road and rail in Europa and by intercontinental air and ocean freight – ranging from extensive procurement concepts or just-in-time deliveries at assembly lines to regional freight forwarding, or from production control or pre-assembly work to managing empties. Based on this experience, we are your partner for every challenge that the sector presents to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

In good hands

Delivering new vehicles often means a long journey to the destination or final customer. As a logistics services provider, we not only offer effective transport services and high-quality transhipment between the various modes of transport, but also additional services. As well as temporary storage, we wash and preserve vehicles and carry out the final inspection before they are delivered to dealers…

To the conveyor belt on time

In-factory logistics is of course part of our production support work. We provide support with employees working in warehouse management, delivering supplies to the assembly line or managing the empties that contained the components inserted in the vehicles. Processes can be optimised using IT Interfaces.

Safeguarding expertise

The highly complex logistics chains in the automobile sector require proper documentation. We offer this to automobile manufacturers and suppliers. We not only safeguard design plans for the statutory storage periods, but also destroy customer documents that are no longer required.

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