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Shipping Logistics & Logistics for Shipbuilding

In many places inland waterway shipping still has a reputation of being the underrated option in any comparison of the various means of transport. But the benefits of this type of transport are very clear: its excellent ecological credentials, the free capacity still available on inland waterways, the ability to transport particularly large and heavy loads and the cheapest way of shipping freight in terms of tonne-kilometres. A modern inland waterway vessel loaded with 3,000 tonnes of goods replaces about 150 truck journeys. Ocean-going shipping is unbeatable when it comes to transporting goods to different continents in the cheapest manner. The Rhenus Group has its own shipping capacity, maritime and inland waterway port terminals and a closely knit network of partners to organise global logistics chains, which connect markets with the help of the world’s oceans and inland waterways.

Just the ticket for heavy goods

Spare parts can be transported by roadrail and air. However, these transport routes are reaching their limits in many places when it comes to handling oversized and heavy goods. For this reason, the project specialist company at Rhenus, Rhenus Project Logistics, relies on inland waterway and maritime vessels to tackle these tasks. We can handle special consignments for you and your project business with our own shipping capacity and the appropriate transhipment equipment at the ports within the corporate group. Even shipyards, which build vessels, make use of Rhenus’ facilities on the water – for example, to provide deliveries of steel or massive diesel engines from sites further inland.

Floating supply stations

Our services focus on transporting your goods by waterway and transhipping them. But we can also offer you a wide variety of additional services connected with inland waterway and maritime shipping. We operate bunkering services at Rheintank GmbH and provide supplies of diesel fuel and other operating materials for your vessel in line with your timetable. Rhenus also collects the ship’s waste and waste water, which contains oil and grease, from inland waterway vessels, with a major focus on bilge oil. You can also place jobs like clearance for your sea-going vessels, customs procedures, fiscal representation or cleaning and repairing containers and many other tasks in the capable hands of our employees.

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