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Retail Logistics - Wholesale & Trade Logistics

The Rhenus Group guarantees an all-round package within the complete field of trade logistics so that you do not need to worry about anything. We optimise the flows of goods and form the link between suppliers, trading companies and final customers. In addition to providing rapid and reliable transport operations, we offer other value-added services, which can benefit our customers too.

Logistics for retail and wholesale

The trading world is fast moving like consumer behaviour. There are rapid changes to incoming goods, the development of product lines and sales strategies. After all, customers’ price consciousness and their demands for quality and sustainability are on the rise. At the same time, manufacturers are tapping into new sales markets and expanding their ranges of products. Tracking batches, hygiene, availability and specific packaging are just some of the challenges in retail logistics.

We optimise your flows of goods and form the link between the supplier, retailer and final customer. The Rhenus Group offers a wealth of value added services, which go beyond just storage and transport: constructing displays, forming sets, packing services, kitting/packaging and labelling and even delivering items to customer’s homes, including installation work by specialist personnel – to perfectly match your needs!

Rhenus offers an all-round package ranging from procuring raw materials to supplying your trading partners and is able to look after every detail: building displays, managing special offers, packing services, kitting/packaging, labelling and of course all the transport services that you require. Whether this involves direct shipments, dispatching packages or transporting supplies to stores – we offer scheduled deliveries for your products and can also transport and manage your returns, if you wish.

The correct storage area for each product

Many products require special storage – whether they are fragile, heat-sensitive or have a restricted shelf life. We provide professional concepts for storing specific products in line with the highest quality standards – ranging from sparkling wine to washing machines. We are happy to pick your goods or label them, take samples for you or track the different sell-by dates. We can also help consolidate your goods and build and fill displays etc. Regardless of the type and quality of your retail items – we are your competent partner for the correct storage conditions.

Special orders

We not only ensure that fairly small and handy shipments reach retailers quickly and without any problems. We can safely transport bulky, oversize and very heavy products to their destination for you, thanks to our special vehicles.

Full speed ahead

We can handle the transhipment of your consumer goods and offer you domestic and international transport services on inland waterway, coastal and seagoing vessels as well as airfreight – whether this involves procuring raw materials or supplying trading partners; it depends on what type of transport is required. It goes without saying that we can also store all kinds of solid or granular bulk materials at our maritime and inland waterway ports in suitable sheds, silos and bunkers.

Maximum transparency

Our IT systems not only support an intelligent merchandise management system, but also enable us to track your batch and the product history throughout the complete logistics chain until it reaches the shelf. We create maximum transparency and remain strictly independent. As a neutral provider, we offer convincing logistics services for each customer.

Logistics for consumers

Whether you have bought upholstery, cupboards, a fitness trainer or a new washing machine – Rhenus Home Delivery will deliver the goods, which you have ordered, to your home and will ensure that they are properly installed and electronic devices are connected. Our delivery team will of course take away the packaging materials and old machines that are no longer required and dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Responsibility for your documents

We offer you organised services for domestic and international document logistics: ranging from mail rooms to digitalisation and archiving and even the destruction of data storage media or providing personnel. Your files are in good hands – whether they are physical or digital!

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