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Electronics Transportation & Logistics

It is no longer possible to imagine life in the 21st century without high-quality electronic devices. Music when travelling comes from your smart phone or your MP3 player, a patient’s health is examined with the help of a magnetic resonance imaging system and notebooks allow people to work outside their offices too. Logistics services companies operating in this highly international sector have to be able to cope with global flows of goods.

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Tailored to individual needs

Rapid innovation cycles are the hallmark of market developments, particularly in the entertainment electronics sector. Rhenus smoothly continues the precise, detailed work, which you provide with your electronic products, with its tailor-made transport services. We offer global procurement and distribution services for your components, every feasible means of transport and additional services like handling returns, repair services or quality checks. Just let us know what we can do for you.

Great care

Nearly all products in the electronics sector have one thing in common: they are very sensitive. We confront this challenge by providing supply chains, which restrict the number of transhipment operations to a minimum. High process quality levels provide low damage rates during the necessary transhipment activities.

Importing goods by sea and air

Electronic devices for private customers often come from factories in Asia, while medical engineering appliances mainly come from Europe – and they are destined for customers all over the world. Global procurement using air and sea routes is one of our core areas of expertise. We are confronting the change in technology with a high distribution pace.

Through customs quickly

We also use our sector expertise and our local know-how in every part of the world when providing customs services. Specially trained employees ensure that all types of formalities are handled correctly.

Security, experience and expertise

Storing and handling electronic goods requires a high degree of security, experience in dealing with them and technical expertise. Equipped with modern security technology (e.g. access controls, burglar alarms, monitoring systems etc.), we offer secure storage at our European business sites and we have qualified and trained personnel on hand. We are happy to pick, pack or label goods for you, carry out functional tests or install your electronic items at your required destination.

We can also advise you on insurance for your goods and will support you as a competent partner. Regardless of whether you want us to store your goods at our business sites or handle your in-factory logistics – your electronic goods will be in safe, experienced hands.

Staying on top of things

Products specially tailored to customer requirements and rapidly developing technological progress mean that there is a huge range of individual models in the electronics sector. As a result of our services in the document logistics field – archiving your correspondence for returns management, for example – we enable you to focus on your core business: developing your products.

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