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Lab Logistics & Logistics for Hospital Facilities

Supplying hospitals, practices and laboratories with medical consumables and devices is becoming increasingly important as a result of demographic developments. But the statutory constraints on manufacturers of medical products are strict – and the requirements for the logistics process chain are therefore very high too. Any company that wants to stay in business will use the savings potential that is available through a modern, end-to-end logistics chain.

Hospitals and health centres can focus on their core expertise by making use of outside logistics services providers and then do not need to make investments in constructing their own distribution warehouses. We work hand in hand with the health sector – ranging from the manufacturing and supplier industry to supplying hospital wards and outpatient departments and even providing direct medical supplies to patients’ homes.

Promoting health

Medical products, medication, samples and medical results have to be transported to clinics, wholesalers, chemists or wards in good time. Strict rules have governed the warehousing and transportation of medical products for several years – high hygiene standards, for example. We dispatch your goods in vehicles that are suitable for medical products and offer the best possible freight rates. This also applies to temperature-controlled consignments and hazardous goods.

High standards, the highest levels of responsibility

A laboratory sample has to be transported at a set temperature. Human blood is urgently required for an operation. A patient is waiting for an implant. Speed and a sense of responsibility are required when a person’s health is at stake. Transporting health care consignments is a highly sensitive business and often has to be completed within a short time frame. But there is often a huge distance to cover before the item reaches the patient. This calls for uncomplicated and hygienically perfect transport solutions. We will help you find the suitable mode of transport for this, even if it involves huge distances.

Regional supply concepts

We can guarantee secure, hygienic warehousing for medical products and active ingredients – and, if required, temperature controls too – at our logistics centres. We have permits for taking samples and the production permit for processing secondary packaging materials. We ensure the necessary quality with our company-wide quality assurance scheme in line with GMP and ISO 13485.

In addition to our own health care logistics centres for handling regional supply concepts for health institutions, we can also take on in-house services in hospitals.

High-tech devices to hospital beds

We can also manage our transport services with patients in focus – and involve the hospital’s own personnel. Our analysis of requirements on wards guarantees that the clinic has adequate supplies at any time. Transporting technical devices requires both special safety precautions and specially trained personnel. Rhenus eonova, our specialist in the health sector, not only transports ultrasound machines to customers, but also ensures that they are set up and function properly – and the company also cleans the transducer probes after they have been used and refills the probe box with consumables.

The experienced employees at our high-tech logistics company can also handle global transportation services and install large devices like x-ray machines or CT scanners. If required, we can also dismantle and return your old machines at the same time.

Protection from any unauthorised access

Keeping patient and x-ray film files not only requires storage space, but also compliance with the latest rules governing data protection. We can manage and store your files at special high-security archives: your documents are given barcodes, they can then be found quickly and you can access them via your PC. Our special research and storage management system automatically provides notification when the statutory duty to store your files has expired. Any data storage media that are no longer required can be properly disposed of once you have given the go-ahead for this.

In addition, we offer many office services in conjunction with our specialist for document logistics: they range from supplying daily office materials to the logistics for printed matter and advertising materials and even mail logistics services – for example, emptying PO boxes, in-house distribution processes and accounting in line with cost centres. 


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